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There are many wonderful stories that you can read on and that of henry Faulkner is one. He is stop artist who was born in 1924. He overcame many challenges right from his childhood to get to where he is at the moment. Despite the tough times and challenges that he faced at that time he lived to cherish every movement and his dream. All through his life, he loved art and drew so many things that reflected on his real life. he is best known today for his art work and poems. Even after many years since he passed on, his art still sells and is loved.


Henry Faulkner is story of an orphan born in Kentucky and grew in an orphanage. His artist's talents could not be hidden because he discovered his love for drawing with some oil and painting as well as writing some poems. he took time to perfect his skills and sooner became  a very good artist who can offer the best drawings. The art is eccentric and very stunning. The drawings have been displayed in some of the biggest art exhibitions and sold many copies. He has drawn so many things which make him one of the best artist.


The Gift of Color: Limited Edition Boxed Book is one of his art work. It is an overview of his life as a poet and an artist as well as faulkner original sketches. This book is already available in the market an you can make and order to get it. It has been discovered that the book also contain some of his artwork and the stories behind every painting he did back in the years. When you read this book, you will be full of wisdom.


The book is accessible in some bookstores and you should buy it. He book is just selling at $ 450 and is available in bookshops and art exhibitions centers. You can find it in one of the best stores near you. There are also some online vendors and booksellers with the copyright to sell these copies. Get the delivery of this limited book edition.


Though his artistic work is old, it is still relevant up-to-date. The original sketches have been preserved in the museums and art centers where he presented his work and also in this book contains henry lawrence faulkner biography. It will be fine to see the work presented in some exhibitions to the people. The copies of those sketches have been done using the best inks. It will be great to have such work and you will reflect on art.


It is very important that you check at Henry Faulkner's work at any time. The pictures of his work are very beautiful and they have a good story behind the paints. It will be so nice to get to read his book and also read some of the poems that he wrote. With these sketches it will be more realistic and you will have vivid imaginations. Check this video about art books: